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  "Changing Lives - Building Futures"
  "Also I have heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send,
and who will go for us?
Then said, I, Here am I; send me."
Isaiah 6:8
Dr. Dorothy J. Page  
God's House of Refuge Child Care Home, International , Inc., is a vision given to Dr. Page by God, in 2006.
Her mandate is to provide a safe house with a loving environment, food, clothing, education, and medical services, to  under privileged babies and children.
Dr. Page and her family lives in Houston, Texas with the exception of one son, Corey, who passed away on June 11, 2010 and is now a resident of Heaven.
She began her ministry in July of 1991, as Pastor of God's House of Refuge Church, which later became God's House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism.
Dr. Page founded other ministries such as, God’s Way Radio, Jesus Is the Answer Television Ministry and Crusaders for Christ Ministries.  She was a guest on TBN, Keep Walking With Jesus Telecast and Access Houston for several years. She also has been a guest of Daystar Television.
In the year of 1995, Dr. Page attended Immanuel Temple School of the Bible/Cornerstone University to study Theology, under the instruction of Dr. Barbara Wright. She completed her Associate, Bachelor Master and Doctoral Degrees, by the year of 2000. She also received a Certification in Christian Psychology.
In 1997, Dr. Page also attended March of Faith School of Ministry, under the Direction of Dr. Gene Moore of St. Agnes Church. Her studies were Church Administration and Christian Counseling.
Dr. Page has a certification in Faith Based Therapy and Counseling by International Institute of Faith Based Counseling.  She is founder of Houston’s New Beginning Faith Based Counseling Center, where she offers Faith Based Counseling. 
Dr. Page has traveled both nationally and internationally. She held prayer vigils at Houston’s City Hall, the State Capital, and in Washington D.C.. 
Dr. Page began her mission field trips to Niger, West Africa in 1996 and then on to Ghana, West Africa.
We have also acquired Non-Profit Status in Ghana West Africa, for the childcare home and we have received a Certification to do business under that name also.
God’s House of Refuge Child Care Home, International, Inc., would like to invite you to partner with us, as we reach out to the babies and children of  Ghana.
Dr. Page is the author of "Armed and Dangerous" With the Word of God, which is for sale on AMAZON.COM.
You may obtain additional information
such as personal references concerning
Dr. Page, upon request.
For Correspondence and/or speaking engagement purposes,
you may contact her via  e-mail @ 
  or by phone @ 281-904-5787
Pastor Veronica Kelley
Pastor Veronica Kelley has been a member of God’s House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism since 1994. Eight months after she received Christ into her life, she was baptized with His Holy Spirit. 
And in 1995, she received her call to the ministry as an evangelist.
In 2005  she accepted her call as a pastor of God’s House of Refuge Church& School of Evangelism, under the leadership of her Apostle/Overseer, Dr. Dorothy J. Page.  
Pastor Kelley is a board member of both the church and the childcare home.
Her duties are to serve wherever she is needed in this great work. It is not only her desire to support the children in Ghana, but it is also her duty, as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, to serve them faithfully, with much love and compassion.
For more information, please contact Pastor Veronica Kelley concerning the ministry and/or the children home at:   refuge4kids@yahoo.com   or by phone at ,
2000-2006 Received: Associate & Bachelor Degree
in theology @ Immanuel Temple School of the Bible/Cornerstone University
Dr. Kathleen B. Oden
Dr. Oden has been a member of God’s House of Refuge Church & School of Evangelism, for over 20 years, under the leadership of Dr. Dorothy J. Page.  God called her as a Teacher. Her current duties are: Teacher, Church Administrator, Church Secretary and board member for both the Church and the childcare home.
In 2002, God also assigned me to travel abroad and  be of assistance to Dr. Page, in Ghana West Africa, where we have started a childcare facility, named, God’s House of Refuge Child Care Home International Inc.
For more information,
concerning the childcare home, you may contact us by email at: 
or by phone at: 832-884-9556
1995-2000   Received: Associate, Bachelor, and Master
& Doctorate Degree in Theology 
Immanuel Temple School of the Bible
& Cornerstone University
Studying Hebrew since 2012:
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Holy Language Institute
Written By Dr. Oden
1998  THE HOLY SPIRIT (Masters Degree Thesis)
2000  About The Bible (Doctorate Degree Thesis)
2004  The Old Testament (Synopsis)
2005  What God Commanded - published:2015
2006  The New Testament (Synopsis) 
2012  Hebrew Training Manual & Workbook - pub.:2015
2012  Aleph-Bet Story & Workbook - published:2015
2012  Biblical Hebrew & Aleph-bet Workbook - pub.:2015 
2015  All About The Bible - published:2015
2015  21 Day Weight Loss Challenge (series) - pub.:2015
2015  Create A New You In Only 90-Days - published:2015
2016  Learn Books of the Bible - published:2016
2016  Old Testament Bible Stories - published:2016
2016  Healthy Creations Cookbook - published:2016